Preparing UOPeople MSIT #01 Week01 How to participate in remote projects overseas from Japan

Preparing UOPeople MSIT #01 Week01 How to participate in remote projects overseas from Japan


I live in Japan and work as an IT Infrastructure Engineer in Tokyo, focusing on Windows M365 operations.

I’m about to start a project using English, aiming to make it profitable within a year. I’ll be the only team member.

Despite potential changes, I’m moving forward. Using agile development, I’ll set goals, make progress, overcome obstacles, refine, iterate, and keep going.

As a freelance IT engineer, the project has manageable risks.

  • Operating Hours : Within 20 Hours weekly
  • Full commitment to current Japanese language projects during weekdays
  • Assumed Area : IT management / IT Support / IT Infrastructure

Thank you.

1. Background : Reasons for participating in overseas projects

1) Maximizing extra time without commuting

Involved in a remote project in Japan; used to commute three hours daily to a project in Tokyo.

As a freelancer, I shifted to full-time remote work, gaining an additional 20 hours per week by eliminating the commute.

Goal: Boost sales by securing foreign currency through overseas projects.

2) English Project Expansion

Eager to contribute to an English-centric project.

While my current IT work has limited English usage, I’ve actively read English manuals and participated in short English projects.

Future goal: Participate in overseas projects to broaden my work scope.

3) Pursuing Dreams in English

Raised by a junior high school English teacher father, I grew up with English tapes at home, fostering an early interest. Despite challenges in conversation, previous attempts to join post work English IT projects were unsuccessful.

Now, my focus is on comprehensive preparation to achieve my long-standing dream.

2. Research Requirements

Worldwide Indeed

3. Learn English

1) Input

  • Take a Online English Conversation Class
  • Prepare Duolingo English Test

2) Output

  • The smartphone display, PC language, and blog application output should all be in English.
  • Blog in English.

Comments from non-English speaking engineers already working abroad

In English-speaking places, your written English exam qualifications don’t matter. Your English skills are judged based on your written application and interview—those are what truly count!

3) Get MSc

  • Within 1-2 years : MSc are often a requirement to apply.
  • School of my first choice : The University of York
    Home>Study online>MSc Computer Science with Cyber Security Online
  • Apply

Documents to be submitted

  1. Proof of English Proficiency – Duolingo: 120, with 105 in each component
  2. University diploma : Acquired / Can be acquired again
  3. University transcript (GPA) : Acquired / Can be acquired again

4. Join English PJT in Japan

  • M365
  • IT Support Administrator

Prepareing Interview

  • 1) Use a paid resume correction service.
  • 2) Increase your online activity.(Linkedin, GitHub, Blog)
  • 3) Apply to companies you have interested in.

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