Preparing UOPeople MSIT #02 Week02 Research check the job opportunities

Preparing UOPeople MSIT #02 Week02 Research check the job opportunities


Check the job opportunities on Indeed’s international site, especially in Singapore.

Worldwide Indeed

Survey Details

Location : Singapore
Reason : Singapore has a small time difference from Japan, and many global companies and Asian branches of Japanese companies have headquarters there.
Job Focus : IT Infrastructure
Research Findings : Around 100-200 IT infrastructure jobs are available in Singapore, with higher salaries than in Japan. Opportunities exist based on technical skills and years of experience.

What’s Needed

Projects available matching technical skills and experience.

Areas for Improvement

Better English skills.
Having a degree would be beneficial.

Future Policies

I have last 5 years of experience in IT Infrastructure, particularly as a System Administrator and IT Support. Recognizes the need to enhance English skills, especially for roles like System Administrator. Acknowledges English importance but emphasizes focusing on improvement for the next three months.

On the other hand, I played a role in designing the cloud infrastructure and crafting basic functions, utilizing AWS, Python, Bash, and so on. As a result, the English requirement for this work might be a bit more flexible than System Administrator.

In any case, I recognize the need to improve my English language skills.


The survey concludes for now. Focus will be on English skill improvement for the next three months.

Taking Duolingo English Test

Recently, I took the Duolingo English Test, and while the score may not be a specific job requirement, it effectively reflects my language proficiency and will benefit my MSc application.

Despite scoring between 70-90, the MSc program I desire requires a minimum of 120. I am committed to focused learning within three months to meet this requirement before applying.

Duolingo English Test
It includes a program to assess the estimated score for the actual exam.

Using DET Ready.

I recently took the Duolingo English Test and received an estimated score. Recognizing the need to enhance my English skills, I’m exploring resources to aid improvement. The following URL is a valuable resource for this purpose.

This program is highly beneficial for individuals like us whose first language isn’t English. The video lectures, equipped with scripts and adjustable playback speed, enhance understanding. With six sample tests, including three video and three PDF versions, the program offers valuable practice. Though I’ve only used it for a few days, I’ve quickly realized its significant impact on our learning process.

MSc Online

I am exploring the MSc Computer Science Online program available under the “Study online” section on the home page.

The University of York

University of York > Home > Study online > MSc Computer Science Online
This course brings several advantages:
Association with Russell Group : Affiliated with the esteemed Russell Group, ensuring high-quality research opportunities.
Affordable Tuition : The program offers lower tuition compared to other online university programs.
Fully Online : It is a 100% online course, providing flexibility and accessibility.
No Letter of Recommendation Required : Simplifying the application process, there’s no need for letters of recommendation.
No Diploma in CS Needed : The course doesn’t require a diploma in computer science, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Last week’s report

Job Exploration : Investigated international job opportunities.
Self-Assessment : Identified weak points for overseas job applications.
Language Proficiency Test : Completed a sample DET to assess English skills.
Learning Initiative : Initiated English learning activities.
This summarizes my activities from the past week. Thank you!!

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