Preparing UOPeople MSIT #03 Week03 Change in Learning Focus

Preparing UOPeople MSIT #03 Week03 Change in Learning Focus

Shift in Learning Focus

Initial Goal: Participation in Overseas Projects Part-Time

Initially, my main goal was to participate in projects abroad, and I worked hard towards achieving that.

Improving English Skills

I discovered that gradually learning things in English is really helpful. It not only enhances language skills but also improves understanding of IT concepts.

Transitioning Towards UOP’s MSIT Program

I began considering applying to UOP’s MSIT program as it aligns well with my career and educational aspirations.

University of the People Master of Science In Information Technology [MSIT].

UOP’s MSIT program offers several benefits for me:

  1. Low Tuition Fees: The program’s affordable tuition makes higher education accessible to me without financial burden.
  2. MBA like Program: As my major profession in the last 5 years has been as an IT administrator, an MBA-like program will help me improve my job.
  3. Online: This course will be completed entirely online. It benefits me.

Progress in MSIT Application

Tasks Completed for the Application

I’ve submitted some of the required documents, started the necessary MSIT courses, and am still preparing for the DET test. I’ve already submitted my Bachelor’s degree diploma and degree transcript from the university in Japan where I graduated.

Preparation for the Next Semester at UOP

I’m also getting everything in order for starting at UOP in the upcoming semester.

Positive Developments

Improvement in DET Practice Tests

My scores in DET practice tests have improved, showing progress from an expected score range of 75-95 in week 2 to 85-105 in week 3.
Taking Python courses on Coursera and applying to UOP MSIT have increased my exposure to English, leading to a perceived improvement in my Duolingo English Test scores. While I still face challenges in speaking and writing, this progress is promising.

Advancement in the Python Course

I’ve completed about 70% of the Python course, which has expanded my knowledge in IT. The course I took on Coursera was “IBM Python for Data Science, AI & Development.”
Python for Data Science, AI & Development

Reasons for Choosing This Course:

  • Experience in Python development for work
  • Relatively low amount of text
  • AI-friendly with abundant libraries

Meeting MSIT Program Requirements

Regarding the requirements for the MSIT program:

  1. College-level calculus, linear algebra, or statistics
  2. Documentation proving proficiency in at least one programming language
  3. Evidence of English language proficiency

For the first requirement, I plan to take a statistics course on Coursera called “Statistics with Python Specialization” offered by the University of Michigan.
I consulted with an advisor to ensure that completing this course certificate fulfills the requirements for admission to the MSIT program.

Preparing for the Next Semester at UOP While Juggling Other Tasks

I’ve managed to prepare for the next semester at UOP while also handling other responsibilities. I still need to prepare for the Duolingo English Test.

Challenges Faced

Increased Study Time

I’ve noticed that spending more time studying has made it challenging to manage my schedule effectively.
Since my commuting time has decreased compared to before, I’ve been able to allocate this time for studying, which has helped so far. In the future, I may need to increase my study time even more. I’ll explore efficient study methods through time management.

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