Preparing UOPeople MSIT #04 Week04 Progress Update: Completed Python Course, Started Statistics Course

Preparing UOPeople MSIT #04 Week04 Progress Update: Completed Python Course, Started Statistics Course

Weekly Progress Report

This week’s report is short and sweet. Let’s get right into it!

Completed Tasks

  • Finished the Python course.
  • Only two requirements left for MSIT:
    • Duolingo English Test
    • Statistics

In the Python course, I learned basics like variables, loops, if statements, and some useful libraries for statistics and web scraping. Since I had some prior Python experience, I finished the 4-week course in just 1 week.

  • About the Python course
    • Learned the basics of Python
    • Variable types
    • Sequential processing, conditional branching, lists, etc.
    • Libraries commonly used in Statistics and Machine Learning (Pandas, NumPy)
    • Library for Web Scraping (Beautiful Soup)

DET Preparation

Spending about 30 minutes a day practicing for the Quiz of Duolingo English Test.

Statistics Preparation

Taking a course on Coursera covering Weeks 1 to 4 of statistics. Week 1 covered basic concepts and using Jupyter Notebook for data analysis.

  • Main Topic for Statistics in the course

    • Data has different forms
    • i.i.d
    • Variables (Quantitative / Categorical)
    • Study of Design (Types of Studies)
  • Main Topic for Python in the Course

    • Introduction of Jupyter Notebook

Challenges Faced and Next Steps

  • Realized I need to improve my English vocabulary, especially for abstract concepts and statistical terms.
  • Managed to understand technical terms and Python concepts using Japanese, but struggled with English explanations.
  • Planning to continue summarizing essays and videos in short notes to improve English skills and grasp key concepts.

Helpful Tools

Used an iPad Pro and a stylus pen with the GoodNotes app for note-taking. Being able to share notes across devices helped me study efficiently during spare moments.

  • Tools that were helpful for learning

    • iPad Pro 11inch
    • Touch Pen
    • APP GoodNotes

Next Week’s Goals

Aim to finish the statistics course by mid-March 2024 and focus on preparing for the DET.

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