Preparing UOPeople MSIT #05 Week05 Progress Update: Reflecting on Two Weeks of Statistics Learning

Preparing UOPeople MSIT #05 Week05 Progress Update: Reflecting on Two Weeks of Statistics Learning

I would like to reflect on the learning this week.

Progress Update

The second week of the Statistics Course is over, giving us a calm break in our learning journey. Although I haven’t fully understood everything yet, I’m committed to learning more. I aim to make an index for finishing the course and to strengthen my understanding of the basics of statistics.

Key Topics Covered

Week 1:Learning Objectives

    • Develop an outlook for the course and summarize future concepts and objectives
    • Explore various uses of statistics and examine where data originates from
    • Properly identify various data types and understand the different uses for each
    • Understand the basic functions of Python to import, clean, and manage data

Week 2:Learning Objectives

    • Understand the various graphical displays used for univariate categorical and quantitative data
    • Interpret histograms and boxplots to describe quantitative data
    • Obtain key interpretations used for describing quantitative data
    • Create histograms, box plots, and numerical summaries through Python

Enjoyment and Challenges


  • I find joy in exploring statistical visualization, especially Boxplot1, which helps me understand Continuous Data, Ordinal Data, and Aggregated Categorical Data.
  • Using Jupyter Notebook has been a revelation, offering a serene experience of Python development with its web-based interface, accessible without the constraints of local setup.


  • Understanding difficult English words, like those used in school, can be tricky, but I’m getting better at it every day.
  • Juggling learning and a full-time job is like walking a tightrope, but I try to stay calm and focused on learning while I work.
  • When I’m in the lab(Jupyter Notebook), I feel peaceful. I spend my time coding, trying to get better each time I share my work on GitHub.

Looking Ahead

As I start the third week of the Statistics Course, I’m excited about what’s to come. I’ll also spend some time getting ready for the upcoming DET assessments to make sure I’m calm and prepared.

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